Zero Configuration Environmental Monitoring

Xsensior Lite

Xsensior Lite is a user friendly environmental monitoring system for your data centre.

It enables automated alerting for heat emergencies before they start damaging your valuable equipment.

Xsensior Lite Highlights

Heat emergency alerts the easy way

Xsensior Live Alerts

Are you concerned about the temperature in your server room. Want to know when the temperature goes too high? Xsensior Lite can tell you when.

Xsensior Lite can even shut down a server in case of heat emergency too, helping to prevent heat related damage.

Already have a network monitoring system in place? Xsensior Lite plays well with that too. Xsensior Lite can write alerts to your server’s event log which your management system can then pick up.

Worried about somebody disconnecting your sensor? We've got you covered. Configure a disconnect alarm and we'll tell you when a sensor is unplugged.

Log your data, on-premise or off-premise

Xsensior Lite Export

Archiving the temperature in your server room is all very well, but how can you use the data you are collecting?

Xsensior Lite supports extensive data export, analyze your data for trends using Microsoft Excel, or simply archive the readings to satisfy your mandated compliance requirements.

With Xsensior Live you can store all of your data in a single account and export your data to wherever you are. Need your datacentre temperature numbers on the move? No problem, just log into Xsensior Live and export what you need.

Zero configuration setup

Xsensior Live Alarm Config

When you’ve got many different installations of Xsensior Lite to maintain, setting up can become a bit of a chore. Does each installation contact the right person? Are the SMTP server settings correct? Setting things up once, that’s a doddle, but by the time you’ve done it three times you’ll very quickly become bored. Boring isn’t good because then you might not do it.

What about one central place to configure alarms, set your temperature thresholds, configure your email settings? Xsensior Live does exactly that. It is the perfect partner to Xsensior Lite.

All you need to do is connect Xsensior Lite to your Xsensior Live account, and your data is securely transmitted to Live. Xsensior Live does the alarming and data archiving for you.

As for configuring your SMTP server, forget wrestling with your server admin for the server details, we’ve got your back. We’ve built an emailing system into Xsensior Live, let us have the sleepless nights.

Your data wherever you want it

Xsensior Live Data

You are just about to climb into bed when it occurs to you that maybe you’d like to check the temperature in your data center. You know, just in case.

You could fire up your laptop so you can Remote Desktop into the server with Xsensior Lite installed, but that will take a while. The laptop takes ages to boot and then you’ve got to sign into a Remote Desktop session. At that point you just shrug and forget the idea. The data center can fry.

Using Xsensior Live, you log into Xsensior Live using your iPad or phone and you view in real time what the temperature is, right there from your bed. Satisfied that everything is ok, you slump into a long, deep sleep.

Xsensior Live Overview
Xsensior Lite 2.7 Hot Fix 3 - Tuesday, May 05, 2015
Mini Thermomter

Xsensior Lite 2.7 Hot Fix 3 is now available.

Xsensior Lite 2.7 Hot Fix 2 - Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Mini Thermomter

A customer has recently reported a problem whilst using Xsensior Lite build We have identified the problem and found a bug.

Xsensior Lite 2.7 Hot Fix 1 - Monday, February 03, 2014
Mini Thermomter

A customer has recently reported a problem whilst using Xsensior Lite build We have identified the problem and found a bug.